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CopyRage is developing a platform that connects social communities with trading and betting communities.

We allow new to market users to copy the trades & bets of professionals.

With the functionality of familiar social networks we allow you to connect across the world but with all accounts managed on one easy to use platform.


An intuitive design has been developed for you that speaks for itself, it comes with many unique features that will help make your first steps successful. Focusing on the tactics of professionals, you can develop your own strategy that will help you find success.


We give you the opportunity to increase your communities. As a reward for sharing your knowledge we have built in profit sharing to help you monetize your knowledge from your follower base. You now have a single platform where you can create your own communities and promote them.


We appreciate your contribution to the development of CopyRage, therefore we have VIP conditions for using the platform, where borders are erased and all the platform features are provided.

Simplicity & Convenience
We want our platform to be as convenient as possible for each market participant. Therefore, we pay attention to every detail. This applies to properly built UI/UX design, as well as the development of the site and mobile application. We carefully test the prototype and fix all existing flaws. You  should never have to think “how does it work?”. You just have to login and start using it. Simplicity and convenience are the main components of CopyRage!
Explore THE UX/UI
Passion driven by Experience

An intuitive interface that speaks for itself. Each page is careful designed with every detail for the user imagined, it is easy to use and easy to understand.


The rating and incentive system motivates users to develop their accounts and stay active on the platform for as long as possible.


Each element and function on the platform is based on market research, direct competitors and problems of potential users.

12 pages


Most recent version of our PitchDeck.

Social NEtwork

Users can communicate using the built-in messenger. They can also create publications and articles, attach media files, comment on what is happening and manage their communities. To generate excitement users can also launch promos of their page or, add other users as friends and check their  statistics. Finally users can personalise their news feed and make sure they stay up to date with all the current global news.


We forward your transactions and bets to different trading platforms, bookmakers and exchanges within each individual account.
All transactions are carried out through API, customers don't have to deposit funds on CopyRage.
The statistics of all transactions and bets are stored on blockchain to ensure transparency, authenticity and reliability of the platform. And as a bonus, the users get lower fees at the connected exchanges.


With us, users have the opportunity to copy positions in the crypto trading market, the stock-market or even sports betting!
The so called “One-Click-Copy” function allows users to blind-copy other market participants.
Advanced settings allow them to customize the copying of user transactions in detail, considering the time, amount and assets being copied.

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