The faces behind CopyRage

Hey there, its nice to e-meet you!
In the faces below you will see a group of individuals who have come together by fate or by friendly connection to create a platform that brings together newcomers to the market and professional traders. These pros help connect the dots for newcomers and help them find financial freedom and market education. We believe that we can create a platform where just like social media users can connect and bond to form long lasting friendships.

The Founders
Aaron Groman
Founder & CEO
Kate Cherniei
Founder & CBDO
David Voges
Founder & COO
The Team
Nadia Mickhailyk
Head of Marketing
Vitaliy Pavlyk
Head of UX/UI
Cainyn Chapman
Business Development
Alexandra Kozlovska
SMM Assistant
Alex Zorin
Head of Back-End
Daniel Votintsev
Front-End Dev.
Alex Nazarchyk
Front-End Dev.
Christian Fiebach
Market Analyst
Total Team of 11

CopyRage team consists of 11 people. 9 full-time in our offices and 2 part-time as freelancers.


Each team member has an original mindset, which allows us to create a unique product.


Thanks to the established process of interaction within the team, our work is always effective.