What is the idea behind CopyRage?
Let us briefly explain.
This is how it works:

Register, Verify and connect with your choice of new exchanges and platforms or existing ones.


Choose the ideal trader / bettor / investor whom you will copy or open positions and place bets.


For new traders, profit is made after closing a trade. For the pros profit is made through reward sharing.


Get rewarded for your activity. Increase your rating to become one of the top traders or bettors.

You are wrong
if you think that most brokers, trading platforms and trading bots are interested in your success.
They sell you the idea of the money but never really show you how to get from A - Z. They think that we are fools. But this is where they are wrong.
Time to change the rules!

CopyRage was created to eliminate all possible barriers and inconveniences for users and to make trading / betting / investing affordable for beginners and more profitable for professionals.
With no fees or commissions.


Copy strategies of professionals or trade crypto currencies by yourself with more than 10 types of orders .


Place your own bets or copy the professional bettors.
Turn your predictions into real money.


Buy and sell shares of 9640 companies on real markets. 2243 on the NYSE, 6414 on the NASDAQ and  983 on Xetra.

The revolutionary technology of CopyRage combines multi-functionality with trust and transparency.

The careful thought process underlying each decision, and the constant pursuit of perfection, makes CopyRage a truly high quality product. From the moment a person steps onto our platform we want them to always feel our attention to the smallest details.

"We are proud to be the first to create a social-trading, social-betting and social-investment platform. CopyRage is and will always be an innovator in the field of information technology."

All trades and bets are executed by our partners through API, which means that CopyRage is not restricted by legal limitations and regulations in diverse countries.

CopyRage is not interested in the losses of its users, so with us you will get the best result.

You can trade crypto, bet on sport or invest in stocks from one wallet.

"Advanced copy settings" allow you to fine-tune following and copying other users with highly detailed options.

The functionality of "copying"  shows advanced statistics of every user. This allows anyone to perform like the best.

Each user’s stats are divided into 3 categories: social, trading and achievement statistics.

CopyRage's social part is not only about supporting the functions of familiar social networks, but also about charity.

Each user can share their deals and bets in the form of a message or publication.

Blockchain technology records all trades and bets to ensure the transparency, authenticity and credibility of CopyRage.

CopyRage provides trading statistics in real time, which allows bots and pros to prove the success of their strategy.

Each user can create his own community and blog, make advertisements and attract readers.

A company can also register at CopyRage, maintain a blog, do charity work and trade.

With the function of scripting, you can automate complex  processes and build the craziest dependencies

Geo-based local rating system has been integrated to avoid mass copying of exclusively the best traders and bettors.

Content delivery network is used, which helps increase the platform usage speed and eliminates market lags.

Consolidated orders reduce the cost of commissions from connected exchanges / platforms / bookmakers only for CopyRage users.

Unique gamified rating and reward system motivates users to develop their accounts and to aspire to be the best.

Zero-Fee-Policy (except for fees and commissions charged by exchanges).

In general, for a user who doesn't want to trade or to copy, the platform can alternatively be used as "big data" oracle or "crowd mood" analysis tool.

We believe that people should be able to communicate, share knowledge, thoughts and emotions.
It took us a long time to create an interface which is easy to use and offers amazing functionality. While at the same time featuring an amazing interplay between usability and speed.
New markets

By registering and verifying on CopyRage, you will immediately have access to all 3 markets and all connected platforms.

New content

Lots of social functions are offered to you immediately after registration. You create the content and you choose what will be in your news feed.

New Opportunities

The execution of multiple orders at different exchanges and markets from a single account provides you with multiple revenue streams.

Trade and bet on your favorite platforms through CopyRage

With CopyRage, you trade on the services you used before. This also applies to sports betting. We provide additional functions, advanced statistics and types of orders that are not on the services that you use. Also, if your service has an inconvenient mobile application or it is completely absent, we will solve this problem.

All transactions are carried out through the API, you do not deposit funds to CopyRage. Your personal data is protected. Users own all the information about the activities of their account, if necessary, everyone has the opportunity to request it from us. In turn, if the user wants to delete his personal data, we are obliged to do this subject to GDPR.

Openness and transparency are an integral part of CopyRage’s interaction with users. We do not charge any hidden fees and make sure that our prices are reasonable and understandable. We do not collect commissions for opening a transaction, and a consolidated order reduces the cost of commissions from connected platforms, exchanges and bookmakers only for CopyRage users.

Legal and regulated

The legal side of the project does not contradict the legislation of any of the key jurisdictions CopyRage operates within. The company provides the ability to copy, repeat and simulate transactions, which in itself is a service. In turn, we do not provide leverage, transaction coverage, liquidity or any other financial instrument specific to trading. The platform is a third party and is not a recipient of deposits.

The existing system of trading and betting forces you to receive special financial licenses and relevant regulation.

The form and ownership of CopyRage allows us to provide a service that is infrastructural in the industry and does not require a special license and regulation by a financial institution.


Becoming a trader is now easier than ever, come see for yourself.


If you are interested in sports, it's time to turn your hobby into profit.


Trade the stock market with confidence.

Light up your life with new features

We have been developing the project for over a year, creating a stable system that will have no equal.