There are only three reactions to a design - yes, no and WOW! “WOW” is what we strive for.
If you already have an account simple sign in with your login details.
We have simplified the registration process as much as possible for you. First you register in our system and prove you are a real person. Then we just ask you to choose your username and provide your email address so we can send you the password.
Alternatively you can also register using your familiar services.
Available Assets

Once you are signed into the platform you will see a screen with all the available assets you can trade in the market.

To change the market, you simply need to click left or right at the top Crypto, Betting, Stocks. From the list of assets you can pick and choose which assets you would like to add to your favourites.

From there you can buy/sell those assets and set a notification for when they change value.

When you click on an asset, a menu opens with a list of useful information and statistics. You can choose which statistics you see by yourself.

The Leaderboard
For those of you with a competitive spirit we have an integrated leaderboard system that lets you compete in tiers with your fellow traders. Weekly prizes and rewards will be given to those who level up their accounts.
The Elite
Each Region has its all stars, this list includes traders that are the very best in their respective markets.

This list is created to showcase the Elite traders/bettors to all the new users coming onto the platform. From this list it is easy for new users to find great traders to follow.

For new users you can use this list to evaluate for yourself the statistics of each trader based on many variables, things like, what they trade, what their win percentage is, how profitable they are and what their risk usually is.

You can also check out their personal pages and find out more about them.
Built-in messenger

Communicate using our built in messenger and text your friends or find new ones to share pictures, videos and thoughts.

You can also share our integrated charts and statistics.

For your convenience, messages are divided into sections public, personal, channels and “saved messages.

Our servers are distributed in different countries for greater speed and security.

A Genius?
We assume that Elon Musk’s profile might look something like this.
We use this as an example of what a users profile would look like on our platform.

Btw. why would Elon sell TSLA shares?

All CopyRage screens that you see on this site are presented at the latest version of the design. But we want to draw your attention to the fact that at the time the platform goes live they may look slightly different.