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to other platforms:

We position ourselves as a SAAS (software-as-a-service) provider, we connect all applications that could make our product great and create a better user experience. We don't see all companies as competition but for learning on how to be better.

Pro: These platforms have an already established presence on the market and have large users bases and developed mobile applications.

On these platforms a wide selection of certain assets are available. It is also possible to copy the strategies of the pro traders, analyze, like and comment on the publications of others.

Pro: These platforms have an already established presence on the market and have large users bases and developed mobile applications.

Con: Very often there are problems with the withdrawal of funds, a delay in the execution of the order or the poor quality of support services.

If you want to see the platform with your own eyes "in action", you won't be able to do this without a complete registration procedure.

There is no "level system" for copying users. This means that almost only the top 10 traders are being copied, this makes it almost impossible to get copied if you are not among the top ones.

On most platforms analysis is limited to a standard set of basic functions.

The online social gathering is based on limited user interaction and only a minimum amount of social network functions are available.

Inactivity fees, high spreads and high rollover fees.

social trading platforms metrics (by alexa.com)

external linking sites

over 2500

Monthly VISITS

10+ mio.


over 12 min.

bounce rate

over 52%
Crypto Exchange Platforms

We connect well-known exchanges with great reputations to our platform. This is necessary both for user convenience and for optimizing our platform. The stats of some of the most well established exchanges show the popularity of the industry and the unsolved problems of users.

Pro: These exchanges have been on the market for a long time and have a good reputation, they provide advanced trading instruments and assets.

Pro: A portion of the market positions themselves as “simple” for beginners in trading and promises a low entry fee to start trading.

Pro: Some offer competitions or challenges to keep users activated.

Con: Similar to other social trading platforms, exchanges will not let you see their platform before having to register.

Con: There are exchanges that request high amounts of initial deposit and relatively high commission fees.

Con: Like in social trading platforms, crypto exchangers, seem to have a problem with the withdrawal of funds and an unqualified support service.

crypto exchanges metrics (by alexa.com)

external linking sites

over 900

Monthly VISITS

5+ mio.


over 7 min.

bounce rate

over 56%
Sports Betting Platforms
William Hill

Sports betting is an industry that is rapidly gaining popularity around the world. Bookmakers and betting services have great potential to create loyal support and user bases.

Pro: Despite the huge gaming functionality of the bookmakers, their interface is quite clear and easy to use.

Pro: The main advantages of well-known bookmakers are the simplicity of the game and adequate odds.

Pro: Ease of registration and account set up to get users betting actively for longer periods of time.

Con: The lack of education around getting started and involved could be made a lot better.

Many users have experienced loss of funds for mismanagement and incorrect betting strategies.

Con: Support services for users are ineffective and do not make the user feel valued or not understood.

Con: In most cases, a response from support should be expected within several days.

sport betting platforms metrics (by alexa.com)

external linking sites

over 5000

Monthly VISITS

30+ mio.


over 10 min.

bounce rate

over 43%
Analytical Platforms

Many platforms on the market currently don't provide enough analytical functionality, so new services began to create special analytical platforms on which you can't trade, but you can get great technical analysis.

Pro: High-quality specialized content

Pro: A great analytics toolkit with up-to-date data on stocks, futures, popular indices, forex, cryptocurrencies and CFDs

Some platforms have support for social functions, which allow you to see the point of view from an experienced trader, this helps you improve your trading strategy.

Con: On these platforms they only offer the analysis they dont allow you to trade.

Con: After finding a great technical analysis users then need to return to the trading platform / exchange that they trade on and apply it.

There is a lot of advertising on these services, this does not always guarantee the quality of the information and also interferes with the truth of content.

analytical platforms metrics (by alexa.com)

external linking sites

over 5000

Monthly VISITS

160+ mio.


over 5 min.

bounce rate

over 52%
Stock Trading Platforms
Interactive Brokers
Trade Station

The stock market has been around for years and has remained a pillar of today's society. Millions of people rely on it to generate income and wealth for themselves or their clients. Most user education services are built around this market and it accounts for trillions of dollars every day in trade volume.

Pro: These platforms require a detailed amount of client information making sure everyone is KYC/AML registered.

Pro: They ensure the safety and well keeping of your funds and assets

Pro: For most platforms they have low fee structures that allow users to trade with generally low fees.

Con: The initial amount to get trading can be large and cumbersome making it difficult for low earning users to get involved.

Con: The range of available assets can lead users to look at using multiple platforms to keep an up to date portfolio.

Con: Some platforms offer low tech infrastructure budgets meaning that servers can crash and trade executions can be delayed.

stock trading platforms metrics (by alexa.com)

external linking sites

over 1500

Monthly VISITS

20+ mio.


over 8 min.

bounce rate

over 35%
Social Media Platforms

Social networks are an integral part of everyday life for most of the world. With these apps we find opportunities for business, personal development and match making. Creating close connections in social networks is becoming a regular trend that helps us find one another.

Pro: Users can communicate with each other without any restrictions.

Pro: There is an opportunity to create your own communities, develop and promote them, become a leader of opinions and make money for it.

Pro: The main difference between social networks and other services is user-generated content.

Con: Sometime social networks offers ads that cannot be turned off in.

Con: Some social networks abuse the personal data of their users and do not protect them properly, because of this personal information can go missing.

Con: Well-known and popular social networks automate their support service as much as possible. In order to contact them, it is necessary to fill out long application forms, and then wait for an answer that often does not come.

social media platforms metrics (by alexa.com)

external linking sites

7+ mio

Monthly VISITS

50+ bil.


over 15 min.

bounce rate

over 25%